IMPORTANT!  This is not a functional/complete key but is a prototype under development pending funding and should not be used in diagnostic studies or characterizations.  

Note: Species (entities) with an asterisk (*) are the only species that currently have detailed identification using this key.

Main reference sources for development of this prototype key include: 

  • consultation with Heidi Dunn, Scientific Coordinator, EcoAnalysts, Inc.
  • with permission, the publication: Hoggarth, M.A., (1999). Descriptions of some of the glochidia of the unionidae (Mollusca : Bivalvia). Malacologia. 41. 1-118.

Instructions: choose items from the features in the top left.  Clicking + (plus) or - (minus) will expand or collapse a list.  To view images for species, expand (+) the family name. Clicking on an image will bring up an image gallery. See also: "How to Use Key".

Last updated: December 2017